NetzCart Rocks Platform for SaaS Reviews with Rising Star Distinction for eCommerce Software

The NetzCart team is proud to announce that leading software review directory FinancesOnline distinguished NetzCart as a Rising Star for 2018. This is a monumental achievement for our team, as it asserts NetzCart’s increasing popularity on the market due to the reliability of our platform in offering a hassle-free environment for eCommerce business management.  

The Rising Star award for top eCommerce software is given to new SaaS solutions that have grown in popularity and garnered positive traction from clients. This means NetzCart has successfully delivered on its value proposition for B2B and B2C websites and online stores. FinancesOnline further reinforces NetzCart’s dominance on the market after they included us in their top 15 ranking.

In their review and ecommerce software list, FinancesOnline also underscored the ease of use of our eCommerce wholesale shopping cart software, describing management as “painless” even when managing multiple websites at the same time. “Managing a slew of multiple store domains is a challenging task no doubt,” wrote FinancesOnline in their review. “But with NetzCart, you have a solution that lets you manage an unlimited number of store domains on the same base code from a single, centralized dashboard.” This is one of the reasons why NetzCart passed FinancesOnline’s quality standards to receive their Great User Experience award for 2018, a distinction provided to software solutions that are pleasing to use due to their intuitive interface and well-designed tools.

Other aspects highlighted by FinancesOnline include our out of the box wholesale-ready features, great optimization on all devices, hassle-free storage management, robust integration with CMS solutions, and more.

Head over to FinancesOnline’s website for the full analysis and request a demo of NetzCart today.