Wholesale eCommerce Software

Following recent studies showing that majority of consumers do most of their shopping online, you may want to invest on having your own eCommerce website. For this, you would need to find a good ecommerce software and a reliable provider to source the software from.
An ecommerce website is a fully functional online store. It has everything that consumers need to be able to buy your products, from product information and pricing details to the purchase and payment process itself. This type of website is maintained by a software, which can be anything as complex as a website builder or a simple shopping cart software.

Many wholesale options are included and ready to for use. Some of them are:
* Custom pricing per user
* Sales rep and his clients orders management
* Vendors and inventory management with PO System
* White Label Solution for retail accounts and much more…
Basic features of an eCommerce software

Before you can put up an online shop, you need to find a software that would add the necessary tools to your website. At the most basic, you need a software that can provide the following tools: an online shopping cart, a compatible payment gateway, and a merchant account suited to your chosen payment gateway. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from the various ecommerce software available on the market. Some of them, as mentioned above, are just for a creating a single tool, while more expensive ones are for creating a full websites with various features.

Additional eCommerce tools

Aside from the three basic tools enumerated above, there are also various ecommerce software for creating other tools that can make your website more attractive to consumers and more manageable for you. These include data directories for supplier information and order managers for handling shipping, returns, and order cancellations. You can also add feedback forms, email managers to collect and store consumer websites for marketing purposes,  and currency converter to be able to accept payment in other currencies.

A friendly tip

Given the wide availability of different ecommerce software packages for creating various tools, it is easy to go overboard with the features of your shop. This is something you should avoid. You must strive to make your website easy enough to understand and navigate. Otherwise, you risk driving away consumers who find your website to complex for their convenience.

All in one software

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