B2B eCommerce

Customizable, Powerful tools built to work with your existing business options.

Differentiate your online B2B shopping experience

B2B wholesale buyers have come to expect consumer-like shopping experiences. NetzCart B2B eCommerce module enables your store with powerful robust features to meet your client’s expectations.

Quote System and Pricing

Set your store as quote management only or mixed mode to allow generates quotes before final perches. Unlimited customers and pricing groups with bulk updates broken down to the SKU level per individual customer or customer group.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Take full control on your inventory with flexible setting to meet your needs. Set you inventory to be adjusted at checkout or at ship time and assign your items to the correct warehouse sections and shelves so you know how many you have and where to find them..

PO & Open Terms Account

Offer approved customer’s payment with open account terms above standard payment methods as PayPal and Credit Cards gateway.

Customer Groups & Access Control

Set unlimited customer groups and set any item, category or page the group access allowed. Add unlimited Admin accounts with full access control setting of all areas of your Admin management panel


B2B or Wholesale eCommerce is the process of selling online products or services between businesses through website. It allows you to overcome the traditional challenges of extending electronic trading to all your customers by using a web store to take orders with all your off-line setting per user

All businesses, regardless of size, are familiar with placing orders through online store, the B2B solution allows your business to apply this process with your Wholesale customers, maximizing your sales and offer your users to place orders at their preferred time without calling, faxing or emailing.

Some of the benefits of B2B eCommerce include:

  • Increase your sales with advanced eCommerce features and options
  • Reduce administration costs by eliminating paper and order errors
  • Provide wholesale users with improved information such as stock levels , custom pricing and more
  • Make ordering easier for your clients by providing multiple payment options and bulk order by SKU add to cart

In order for your shopping cart to be able to process orders from Wholesale Customers, we will enable the B2B module that will allow you via Admin to set your store as Wholesale only, Retail only or both.

First time users visiting your site, if selected to be Wholesale at register form, will be required to fill out all wholesale account special fields (can be customized from admin).

Once the application is received, the Store Admin will be notified via Email and the customer will be pending approval. The store administrator can decide on the new application by granting or denying access to that user. If access is granted, the administrator must provide a price group and access group levels for the customer.

Once the Admin has granted access, the wholesale customer will receive an email notifying them, and they will be able to log in as wholesale with the credentials that they entered, and shop with their assigned pricing. Admin can also control many other setting and options per customer in database.

NetzCart eCommerce system offers Multi Domains setup!
That option will allow you run unlimited domains as white label with specific inventory items, custom pricing and content.

On the backend you will be able manage ALL domains from one panel where all inventory can be shared with specific setting and process all stores orders from one dashboard.

Your clients will not need to manage anything other than promote their website to their clients.

NetzCart eCommerce have unlimited Price Groups setting.
You can set each group with set % discount from retail as defaults and per item in your catalog, set all price groups level specifically.

At the user end, you just need to assign him to the Price Group of your choice.

You can also change globally what Price Group to use as default. As example when want to offer retail users a discount as one of the price groups set.

Yes. As wholesale users already have terms account off-line, you can offer them the same Terms payment method at your eCommerce site. Just edit the user, set his terms in days and max amount open and you done. The next time user checkout, above the regular payment methods he already have pre-selected Terms with info on his current balance.

No. the NetzCart B2B eCommerce allow you take orders by phone as well.
You can use the Build Order option or if our Virtual POS module installed, use that as best way to take orders manually.

Users can also save their cart instead of checking out, and Admin can open them and finish the processing from the dashboard.

Another option for users who familiar with your catalog, is the Bulk Order Form that allow them enter only items code and quantity to be added.

Yes. Our eCommerce system allows setting of minimums amount on orders, shipping methods and items quantity to buy as well as set this minimum as a pack.

Yes. NetzCart can bet set as robust eCommerce Quote System!
We can set your store to be Fully Quote or Mixed mode where you can set only specific items.

When items get set as quote, the price will not be visible on front-end. Quote orders will be set as pending review by Admin and he can approve, disapprove and set the price he willing to sale for.

After the quote was approved, user gets confirmation email with link to process the payment. He can also access that orders under My Account dashboard

Yes. Our shipping system allows setting the same shipping method per Users Access Groups set. That will allow you set per group all the specific shipping method setting, charges and discounts.

Yes. Our eCommerce system allows activate the Auto Reorder option.
When active, at the checkout page, user has the ability to set his order to be automatically duplicated based on day of the month selected. The same setting is also in the Process Order dashboard to allow Admin set it as well.

NetzCart eCommerce system offers fast and cost effective integration with your current POS system as long that POS have API to connect with.

We can do full integration as Inventory, Orders and Customers or just the parts you require as inventory level only.

Yes. NetzCart eCommerce have unlimited Access Groups setting.
You can set each page, category or product to All, One or Many Access Groups.

At the front-end, users after login will be able access only the content assigned to their group.

In Item setting you can also control the display of price or the buy button per group!

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