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Netz Webs Solutions upgraded our website into a much more user friendly interface. Avner is reliable, honest, dependable and an amazing problem solver. We are looking forward to launching the second half of our site with Netz Web soon and would highly recommend them to fellow small business owners. Thanks so much Avner and Netz Web Solutions!

31 December, 2017

-- Owner, Rachel Ferguson

Warrior Martial Art Supply

I have my website now for 13 years with Netz web solution. This teem provide excellent customer service and quality web design. Thank You, James Biggica Warrior Martial Art Supply.

31 December, 2017

-- Owner, James Biggica

NetzBiz are reliable, honest, dependable and an amazing problem

We are with his system for past 15 years, if any issue rises his Always on, anytime anywhere Thanks so much Avner and Netz Web Solutions! you Rock Keep Up the good work

22 December, 2017

-- Owner,

NetzCart Solution Is the way to go! Simple as that

Netz Web Solutions Solution Is an outstanding service to those people who has a hard time knowing how to sell or operate on line with there professional and outreached customer care i couldn't be more happier then i am right now thank you for making it possible

22 December, 2017


"Thank you", NetzBiz! We are so thankful we found your company….We have hired several other companies in the last two years, spent tons of money, and still never had the site up and working properly. You have been very honest with us, and very reasonable…as well as getting the job done quickly, even faster than estimated. Our business is in OHIO, and we needed you to implement a sales tax program that would charge each OHIO customer the proper sales tax for the County they live in (there are 80 plus Counties!). When asking our previous shopping cart for this upgrade, they offer to do that for $3000.00 or more! With NetzCart Software we got it free of charge. We needed several other modifications to the shopping cart, all of which you implemented very quickly. We couldn't be happier! We love having the ability to take care of our own site, and not having to depend on someone else doing it for us. The other shopping cart companies better look out when the word about your shopping cart gets out!

22 December, 2017

-- Tammy Roesch ,BTG

Best eCommerce Solution for my online supermarket

I been blessed with NetzBiz since i start with them my sell start it going higher and higher After upgrading my web site to NetzCart Software, my life become simple and managing my web site is a breeze! I got ALL e Commerce tools I needed with super support using MULTI DOMAIN control panel to manage ALL my stores from one place!

22 December, 2017

-- A. J.

I couldn't be happier!

This is my second time using Netz Web Solutions and I couldn't be happier! I recently started with a new company who was in desperate need of help. They had already tried one web designer who had left them with an incomplete and broken website. I called Avner Netz, who was available immediately. He was very understanding of our sense of urgency and was incredibly responsive. He had our website back up and running in days and offered us a better hosting package as well! The site is now not only functioning, but has a smarter layout and less glitches. He continues to make himself available to improve the site and is always on the other end of the line to answer my questions. With Netz Web Solutions you get incredible customer service, a beautiful quality website and the best in today's technology for hosting and other related services. So grateful that he was around for me ten years ago when I started my own business and now again with my new venture. He knows this business!

22 December, 2017

-- Crystal A. Harms, M.Ed., BCaBA Progressive ABA Th