Drop Shipping Suppliers

Power and manage multiple stores from one panel

If you run wholesale operation and want to expend sales and help your clients

Offer your retail customers their own Turnkey eCommerce website with all your inventory!
Save time and money by using your own drop shipping software while increasing your products selling channels.


Drop Ship Supplier

  • Register for a new NetzCart account: We will build, set and customize design your new site based on your instructions.
  • Request the Multi Domains Add-On if you want to offer white label store front domains for your retailers.
  • Upload your products inventory and set them as Buy, Quote or Both
  • Promote your wholesale website to all your retailers.
  • Receive Quote Requests or paid Orders from your pre approved Retailers users.
  • Approves the Quote Requests or process the orders already paid.
  • Ship the orders to the retailer (or to his end customer directly as drop shipping - based on his setting).
  • For none approved visitors, you can add all your Approved Retailers on your site as a directory Find A Retailer page with map locations and search.

Your Retailers

  • Register and create their profile on your site.
  • Based on your setting they can be Auto Approved, Pending Approval as Retail user or Pending Access.
  • If the need your approval, they will not be able to order till you gave them correct access.
  • Before approved, they can browse your products with or without prices - based on setting.
  • If Approved, they can click Buy or Request Quote (based on item setting).
  • If they use Buy: they will get the confirmation email on the order shipped or status changes.
  • If they use Quote: Receive the approved Quote From your system.
  • Pay for the approved quote and make it an order.
  • Receive the order sent directly to you or confirmation it was sent to your client directly.
  • Totally branded domain and unique design per store. Clients can keep their brand name and have any design of their choice!
  • All B2B functions and modules included!
  • All the stores are managed from one Admin panel to easily allow you process orders and update your inventory
  • Easy on demand inventory, shipping and payments methods sync from your base store to all others.
  • Clients can set their own prices and change any of their site content pages (no duplicate content issues).
  • Clients can set their own promotions and run marketing campaign.
  • Clients can access only their domain and get limited Admin access per your requirements. Our system can have unlimited Admin users and roles and customized file permission per each.
  • Make monthly profit on the clients hosting discounted price you get from us!


Robust product management dashboard

You have full control on all your clients sites inventory at real time.

  • Can assign your categories and products per client store of your choice. Can be on only one or all. That allow you offer specific lines per client store!
  • Full inventory control on all stores combined with your warehouse .
  • Warehouse('s) system with unlimited sections and shelves, where you can split your inventory any way you need to.
  • Products can be set in many ways with options, sub products and different front-end views.
  • Unlimited categories, products and orders.
  • Import, Update and Export all inventory.
Products Manager

Centralized Orders management and customer support

Manage ALL stores orders from one dashboard panel!



  • View all stores orders or select specific one to work on.
  • Fulfill orders for your clients when all emails confirmation are per client template and branding! You are invisible to their end client.
  • Tickets and Chat support modules are available upon request as add-on install. 
  • Robust and automated orders processing that allows you change ANYTHING before shipping.
  • Live shipping rates with UPS, USPS and FedEx
  • Live gateways to process all cards behind the scene
  • PayPal, Checks, Wire transfer payment methods available
  • Open Terms account can be set to any client in store
  • Reports on all sales, inventory and customers

System security, backups and Updates

Our eCommerce system is PCI compliant with strong security rules



  • No credit cards numbers stored in website database!
  • Black List IP to block bad traffic, spammers and hackers
  • Photo ID verification Module
  • Country blocking
  • Admin Dashboard IP access setting
  • 404 and 500 Error pages Logs
  • Daily backups of your database and media files
  • Read more
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