eBay Store Sync

eCommerce and eBay Store Sync Integration

This Add-on module will allow you to Fully Sync your store domain to your eBay store and control your entire eBay store as another domain in your admin panel.
That will allow you saving time and money avoiding managing 2 stores as you do now.
Please Note: This module may require a Multi Domain Setting if you need to split inventory or sales reports by stores!

  1. Fully sync your domain categories and products to eBay store.
  2. Control what products will be part of the sync and complete the additional fields eBay required to be active on eBay.
  3. Auto import of all orders placed on eBay into your admin panel orders system to be process as web order from your domain.
  4. Auto update to eBay upon order processed on your panel and auto update from eBay to your panel if processed there.
  5. All clients can be saved into your own database customers table.
  6. Full inventory control if needed as any other store in your panel.
  7. Auto sync can be set to run as often as needed.


Admin Configuration pages:
These are some steps that will be involved for linking eBay seller account to the Admin panel of your domain, and also some of the basic settings for listing products.
In this section you have to fill the details like your Location, EBay Application keys, Mode of operation and other fields shown in the image then you have to authorize your eBay account. 

You can also Select PAYMENT METHODS, VACATION MODE SETTING and RETURN POLICY and all store CATEGORIES, PRODUCTS and ORDERS import setting as can be seen in the following images: