eCommerce Automation

Automated Your Business with eCommerce Tools

What is eCommerce Automation?

The eCommerce automation is the method of the usage of software tools with a purpose to complete diverse tasks for you, in preference to needing to do them yourself. While some factors of commercial enterprise will still require human manual processing, many of eCommerce functionality may be automated pretty easy.

eCommerce Automation Benefits

Automating your business is the key to taking much of that weight off your shoulders. With NetzCart eCommerce automation tools, you can save time on many parts of your business that would otherwise will consume way too much of your time.

Automation offers several benefits for your eCommerce enterprise because it permits you to accomplish tasks you otherwise would not be able to do. Some duties can be extremely treasured for your commercial enterprise however just is not feasible to perform manually. Automation offers a means for the software to deal with all this tasks and proceed accordingly, without you needing to manually do what you already got set

Few examples of eCommerce automation tools:


  • New customer’s registration account on your store -  a "Welcome" email is sent based on his role (retail or wholesale).
  • If activated, the user has the option to set any order to be automated recurring on specific day of the month. That setting is available at checkout page, in order history page and in Admin process orders system
  • A New customer’s registration gets a welcome Coupon code set from the store coupons system.
  • A New customer’s registration gets a welcome Gift Certificate set by the store admin.
  • Automated cleanup jobs on temp junk data, old uncompleted orders, bad images and more
  • Automatically set your store cart On/Off based on date time desired
  • Set the system to not allow shipping and billing addresses that don't match as high-risk for potential fraud.
  • Restocking Purchase Order creation based on inventory numbers who fall below a certain level set. The purchase order is automatically generated for you with the recommended restocking amount set to be reviews and modify, print or save PDF to send to your supplier.
  • Receiving Purchase Order is also automated to allow receive items based on ordered quantity and save to inventory while automatically generate a new PO for all remaining missing items to be assigned to same supplier or secondary alternative one.
  • Customers, who leave their cart after adding items without completing the order, will receive email reminders as part of an abandoned cart recovery system. Admin can view, Open and complete the order from backend! Add a customer to a specific Customer Group when they purchase a certain product, like a membership card that gets them access to the VIP group with special pricing.
  • Set all orders of a certain status to be in a specific folder in the order management panel to make them easier to manage..
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