Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is! If you can use a web browser and Word document, you can use our dashboard.

We keep the screens as easy to follow steps that are self-explained other than few advanced setting sections that need to be set once.
For any setting you not sure about, just pick up the phone and call us!

Yes you can. You can be billed for all your stores under same account unless you choose otherwise.
If you want your management dashboard to control all stores, you will need the Multi Domains module installed.
Adding a new domain store it’s fast. We can clone existing store setting and change the template design for your new store.

Of course you can share any pages, categories and products across all stores to save a lot of data entry time without scarify any specific setting Pricing and SEO Elements that you want per store!

No. We will install and bill you yearly.
Once you set up your account with us and SSL is installed, ALL your pages are automatically covered under secure server certification so there is no need for you to purchase SSL unless you want to use your own specific SSL certificate.

SSL is mandatory setting and will help your search engine ranking and any PCI compliance mandates

You don’t need to, but it’s highly recommended you do to maximized sales!

Our system will allow you set other methods than Credit Cards like PayPal, Checks, Wire Transfer and Open Terms. But most of retail clients would prefer to use credit card.
PayPal can take credit cards, but many users will not like use it or don’t have account.

Don't have merchant?? We can help set you up in 1 week if approved! 

Yes. If you don’t want to convert your site to a new platform, you can achieve that by adding a sub domain like this: and we can match the looks and feel to your current website for best user experience.

Today, people have very less time to spend on purchase items, by going to physical stores. Especially now, when the COVID-19 forced local stores to close. They prefer to browse their mobile devices or PC and shop online. Having an eCommerce site will help you to capture this market base and keep your customers informed about all your latest products and services. It’s also important to allow your wholesale customers with the same fast and easy ordering system.

Your monthly hosting fee includes: A license to use our Advanced Shopping Cart Software 99.9% Server Uptime FREE Technical Support Large Amount of File Space Large Amount of Bandwidth 25 E-mail Accounts using your own Domain(s) Unlimited Amount of Domain Names to set as multi stores Robust Online Store Administration Dashboard Management Secure SSL with 256 bit Encryption for Maximum Safety Shopping Cart Integration with PayPal, and credit cards Gateways Shopping Cart Integration with all the Major Shipping Carriers and 3rd Party solutions Many Shopping Cart Features and Tools

NetzCart eCommerce have dedicated eCommerce and secured servers..

The system hosts and stores your data in a safe and secure in Atlanta, Georgia USA data center that is monitored 24/7 with daily backups. Security is one of our number one priorities, and we take every measure we can to prevent physical and network attacks.

NOTE: Users Credit Cards info is kept only at the Payment Gateway! Not in your website database!

No. The Admin dashboard will allow you control your store elements by setting ng ng ng ng ng ng ng ng ng ng and any content sections have a rich WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Our Editor also has other site sections content short code insert buttons. That will allow you embedded FAQ, Gallery, Testimonials, Downloads, Etc. inside your pages.

Of course if you know HTML and want direct access, you can switch the editor to Source.

No! Unlike many other shopping cart providers, we do not charge any transaction fees on the sales you make from your web site.
Nor do we force you to use specific Merchant Processor. You keep all the sales proceeds from your site.

No. Our service agreements simply run as quarterly billing. You only agree to the billing and our general service terms. You may cancel at any time before next billing date with no further obligation.

The average website setup and design time is around 10 days.
The site management dashboard will be setup in one day to allow you start working on your store right away. The time to lunch is really more up to you, providing us whatever needed to complete the setup.

  1. Merchant Account and Gateway or PayPal business account
  2. Shipping carriers and methods to use
  3. For bulk products import:
    1. File with inventory data
    2. Images matching to be uploaded
  4. Google account to set all API's and Analytics
  5. All content text and images for your store pages

A recent Salsify study reports 95 percent of eCommerce users abandon the website if they can’t easily find the information about questions they may have, and 68 percent of shoppers will stop supporting a brand they feel is not providing complete and clear answers.

That’s why a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is require to you’re your visitors that you care about their shopping experience by providing information upfront.

Yes. Our Template Editor will allow you change many parts of the site directly from your dashboard.
You can change logo, social icons, colors, fonts and many layout setting to control the store header, footer and side columns.

Yes. The Admin dashboard has a robust import options to allow you bulk insert and update from CSV or Excel file you generated from your platform.

If you have nonstandard extra fields or setting and you need our help, we offer migrate service of all data for you no matter what platform you use as long it have export output as text or excel format.

Yes. The NetzCart eCommerce system comes with Back Order option built-in.
You can activate it to allow users select at checkout if they wish to allow any out of stock items to be automatically set as new back order.

The same setting is also allowed for Admin as part of the Order Processing dashboard.

You can add unlimited staff Admins and set their permission to what sections and functions of your store they allowed to manage.

In Multi-Domains setting, you can assign one or many stores to each admin.

NetzCart system allows very flexible tax setting that can be set globally by state, by county or by zones.
Per item you can set if item is taxable or not. Same setting is per customer (Tax Exempt) and Customer groups!

NetzCart eCommerce system is built with Core PHP 7.3, JavaScript/Ajax, HTML5 and Bootstrap CSS. The database engine is MySQL (MariaDB version)

NetzCart eCommerce system allows very flexible shipping setting. Built in you can set USPS, UPS, FedEx and manual customized setting. All carriers can be set as live rates or manually with many options to restrict specific methods, discounts, free level and more. You can also install the following 3rd part API as ShipWorks, ShipStation and ShipEasy. If you already use another system we can easily add it for very reasonable one-time fee.

No. NetzCart eCommerce is a web-based software and can be accessed via any standard web browser. 

65% of US online buyers said that they would probably not make a purchase if there is no return policy

Around 60% of US online buyers have abandoned a cart because “I was just browsing/not ready to buy.” You could fix the top main issues by offering free shipping, offer best prices possible and set auto reminder email to users with account.  

Both! There Are More Than 254 Million Active PayPal Accounts in The World (Statista). Users With PayPal, prospects can buy products online without having to pull out their card which simplifies the checkout process. 42% of online shoppers still would prefer to pay with their credit card. 

Our eCommerce can supports unlimited of products, categories, pages and files.
Even Admin users are unlimited! The only limitations are the server resources used by your store as Bandwidth and Hard Drive space.

Yes! Via Admin you can add custom fields for customer profile and Order Checkout.
You can also add unlimited fields per products and use them for front-end filters, Spec fields or Compare.

Not as default. Your business is unique and deserves a unique design per your vision. That's why every eCommerce setup includes your own design concept. Our team will work with you to refine a unique look and feel for your online success. Have any sites you like to mimic? We can do it in less than 10 days!

NetzCart eCommerce system has built in Credit Cards Gateways:

  • AuthorizeNet
  • Paya (sage)
  • PayEezy
  • PayPal
  • ZiftPay

We can easily integrate ANY other gateway for one-time fixed low price!
System can also be set with other methods as:

  • Checks/Money Order
  • Open Terms 
  • Wire Transfer

Yes. We specialize in developing complex and custom eCommerce solutions for over 20 years!

We will be happy to review your unique requirements spec and provide you with a free proposal solution.

We offer live phone, email and chat support Monday through Friday 7:00 AM- 5:00 PM EST.

You can call our office at 856 616-0743 or toll free at 888-NetzBiz and email us at 

Yes. Our flexible product import tools takes your CSV or Excel file and turns it into a product catalog with support for multi-tier pricing, categories, options, brands, fields and more. This tool intelligently inserts as new or updates existing products from the same file!

The bulk image can be done via FTP account we will set for you.

NetzCart hosting and software are fully PCI-Compliant and meets and exceeds all current PCI requirements.
Our systems get scanned monthly and have been deemed 100% PCI Compliant.

Yes! NetzCart shopping cart software completely automates the delivery of digital downloadable files.

Your customers will be able to buy and after payment completed to download the product they have just purchased. The link is secured and only works for up to limited days.

The NetzCart B2B eCommerce platform is the easiest way to receive and process Wholesale orders. As a wholesaler, you can create customer accounts, add your products, set customers with special pricing and access to your online store.

Yes. If you need to generate invoice for a client you can do that when Credit Card gateway or PayPal installed and activated.

You can also send link to pay for any manual or modified orders!

Yes. Users get automatically email notification for any event executed.
You can customize this emails using our emails templates where you able to change the text and design of each template

Yes. NetzCart eCommerce system has built in newsletter sign-upform that can be added in footer or any other page.

You can also get integration with ConstantContact and MailChimp

eCommerce businesses to Business (B2B) on Bing Shopping convert clicks into actions at an average rate of 15.00% or more! To convert Google shoppers higher rate than Bing: The average Google Shopping  is $38.85, the average Bing Shopping is only $23.00

80% of US consumers said that free shipping would make them more likely to buy online

U.S. online shoppers spent $126 billion over the 2018 holiday season. (Reuters, 2019) Online holiday spend in the U.S. increased 16.5% between 2017 and 2018. (Reuters, 2019) Mobile devices made up 51% of retail traffic in the 2018 holiday season. (Reuters, 2019)

From almost 75% of Americans are online buyers. More than 50% of them have made purchases on mobile devices vs desktop.

85% of US online buyers expect regular communication about their order after been places and shipped. 

eCommerce sales made up around 10% of total U.S. retail sales in the third quarter of 2018. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2018) 69% of Americans say they’ve purchased an item online. (NPR/Marist, 2018) 25% of adults in the U.S. purchase an item online at least once a month. (NPR/Marist, 2018) 58% of American adults have purchased clothing or shoes online. (NPR/Marist, 2018) 22% of total apparel sales took place online in 2018. (The Atlantic, 2019) 20% of global grocery sales will take place online by 2020, reaching $100 billion in sales along the way. (Forbes, 2018) Only 56% of online shoppers say they still appreciate the in-person experience over digital retailers. (NPR/Marist, 2018)

Around 30% of online consumers said they would buy again from a website they’ve purchased from previously with a good experience (KPMG)

Yes. The system allows setting as many certificates to buy for any amount and expiration days. The amount when purchased can be used as store credit or get sent to a friend to be used on your store.

Yes. NetzCart eCommerce system allows setting affiliate with 2 tiers commission.

Yes. NetzBiz offers experienced SEO team that can execute a comprehensive suite of services designed to improve your ranking by being found by search engine. We accomplish this through search engine positioning and search engine optimization and we will perform the extensive research needed to make your marketing plan a success and meet your unique business and goals.

We can present a proven sample results of clients keyword on 1st page in less that few month for a very reasonable monthly fee

Yes, when adding pages, categories and products to your web site, the system will generate clean URLs based on page title entered. You can always modify the permalink if need to. That will be helping to make your store indexed better in the search engines.

Yes, our system Search Engine Friendly options are built right in!
Add unique title and meta tags on every page, category or product creating keyword.
Auto inserts “Title” and “ALT” tags in the all approved pirate places.
Google Merchant auto submit and auto update of XML sitemap We keep our system Error-free for better result in search engine ranking, greater visibility, and more sales traffic.

NetzCart eCommerce system has built in options to help you monitor and adjust you store setting for SEO and smooth operation.

  • 404 Errors log: Will allow you identify bad links, missing files or hacking attempts on your site
  • 301 Redirect rules to allow you fix bad old URL’s found by Google WebmasterTools
  • 500 Errors log: Will allow you identify hacking attempts on your site or any script errors accrued on your pages. 
    Our developers team get automatically notify on any 500 error and we are fixing them as fast as we get them (in most cases before you sent us any email about it)

B2B or Wholesale eCommerce is the process of selling online products or services between businesses through website. It allows you to overcome the traditional challenges of extending electronic trading to all your customers by using a web store to take orders with all your off-line setting per user

All businesses, regardless of size, are familiar with placing orders through online store, the B2B solution allows your business to apply this process with your Wholesale customers, maximizing your sales and offer your users to place orders at their preferred time without calling, faxing or emailing.

Some of the benefits of B2B eCommerce include:

  • Increase your sales with advanced eCommerce features and options
  • Reduce administration costs by eliminating paper and order errors
  • Provide wholesale users with improved information such as stock levels , custom pricing and more
  • Make ordering easier for your clients by providing multiple payment options and bulk order by SKU add to cart

In order for your shopping cart to be able to process orders from Wholesale Customers, we will enable the B2B module that will allow you via Admin to set your store as Wholesale only, Retail only or both.

First time users visiting your site, if selected to be Wholesale at register form, will be required to fill out all wholesale account special fields (can be customized from admin).

Once the application is received, the Store Admin will be notified via Email and the customer will be pending approval. The store administrator can decide on the new application by granting or denying access to that user. If access is granted, the administrator must provide a price group and access group levels for the customer.

Once the Admin has granted access, the wholesale customer will receive an email notifying them, and they will be able to log in as wholesale with the credentials that they entered, and shop with their assigned pricing. Admin can also control many other setting and options per customer in database.

NetzCart eCommerce system offers Multi Domains setup!
That option will allow you run unlimited domains as white label with specific inventory items, custom pricing and content.

On the backend you will be able manage ALL domains from one panel where all inventory can be shared with specific setting and process all stores orders from one dashboard.

Your clients will not need to manage anything other than promote their website to their clients.

NetzCart eCommerce have unlimited Price Groups setting.
You can set each group with set % discount from retail as defaults and per item in your catalog, set all price groups level specifically.

At the user end, you just need to assign him to the Price Group of your choice.

You can also change globally what Price Group to use as default. As example when want to offer retail users a discount as one of the price groups set.

Yes. As wholesale users already have terms account off-line, you can offer them the same Terms payment method at your eCommerce site. Just edit the user, set his terms in days and max amount open and you done. The next time user checkout, above the regular payment methods he already have pre-selected Terms with info on his current balance.

No. the NetzCart B2B eCommerce allow you take orders by phone as well.
You can use the Build Order option or if our Virtual POS module installed, use that as best way to take orders manually.

Users can also save their cart instead of checking out, and Admin can open them and finish the processing from the dashboard.

Another option for users who familiar with your catalog, is the Bulk Order Form that allow them enter only items code and quantity to be added.

Yes. Our eCommerce system allows setting of minimums amount on orders, shipping methods and items quantity to buy as well as set this minimum as a pack.

Yes. NetzCart can bet set as robust eCommerce Quote System!
We can set your store to be Fully Quote or Mixed mode where you can set only specific items.

When items get set as quote, the price will not be visible on front-end. Quote orders will be set as pending review by Admin and he can approve, disapprove and set the price he willing to sale for.

After the quote was approved, user gets confirmation email with link to process the payment. He can also access that orders under My Account dashboard

Yes. Our shipping system allows setting the same shipping method per Users Access Groups set. That will allow you set per group all the specific shipping method setting, charges and discounts.

Yes. Our eCommerce system allows activate the Auto Reorder option.
When active, at the checkout page, user has the ability to set his order to be automatically duplicated based on day of the month selected. The same setting is also in the Process Order dashboard to allow Admin set it as well.

NetzCart eCommerce system offers fast and cost effective integration with your current POS system as long that POS have API to connect with.

We can do full integration as Inventory, Orders and Customers or just the parts you require as inventory level only.

Yes. NetzCart eCommerce have unlimited Access Groups setting.
You can set each page, category or product to All, One or Many Access Groups.

At the front-end, users after login will be able access only the content assigned to their group.

In Item setting you can also control the display of price or the buy button per group!

When you sign up for any of our programs, you will get everything you require to start reselling NetzCart eCommerce to your own clients, track your clients, leads, payments and residual income.

No! We do not charge for membership to be able reselling NetzCart eCommerce to your own clients as Affiliate partner.
If you become a White Label Partner, we only charge for your front-end website hosting that will be FREE as long at least one client signed up that month!

Based on the selected hosting plan client require. If you Affiliate Partner, we will charge the client credit card on file and post your percentage fee on your account to be process as payment. If you selected to be a White Label Partner, we will bill you for your wholesale priced plan directly and you are billing your clients with your plans prices

Yes, depending on your setting you can set your clients as Site Admin level when you have System Admin level. You can choose to hide certain sections of the store control panel from your clients and select which modules should be pre-set or available for installation in client store dashboard. This advanced setting options are available to White Label and Agencies membership only.

First step is just submitting the Partnership Request Form and select what type of partnership you prefer. Based on your selection we will set your account and reach you with next required steps and any information needed.

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