Forms Builder and custom fields

Need to set a form online? No need for a programmer or paying extra fees!

Add as many forms you need with any type of inputs, restrictions and other setting.

All submissions get saved in database and sent to Admin by email. Admin can review reports and manage all entries

Form setting:

  • Embedded (Short Code or inside IFrame)
  • Send Notification emails
  • Force Login
  • Set inputs in one row
  • Confirmation page or redirect
  • Tracking and meta tags
  • Enable Captcha
  • Reports
  • More...

Inputs setting:

  • Unlimited fields
  • Set Labels alignment and position
  • Help Tip text
  • Select Input Type (Text, Radio, Checkbox, Select, Etc.)
  • Based on Type selected - All other restrictions and setting
  • Required
  • Wholesale Users Only
  • Sorting
Online Forms Builder
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