Payments and Gateways

Connect to Credit Cards Gateways with 100% PCI Compliant

Now Supporting many Gateways for live Credit Card AVS processing

Cards information will not be saved locally! Only stored at the gateway side.

AuthorizeNet CIM

AuthorizeNet CIM

Paya (Sage)

Paya (Sage)

PayEezy Gateway


Square Gateway


ZiftPay Gateway


PayLeap Gateway


PayPal Vault and IPN



*** We can add any new gateway in around 2 weeks time!

Off-line Payment Options

Checks/Money Order

Checks/Money Order

Module setting will allow you entering the Pay To and address information for users to see at checkout. When that option selected, the order will be set as Pending Check Payment. When the check is cleared, Admin can flag the order as Paid and process as needed.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer

Same process as Checks, setting will allow you entering the Bank Wire information for users to see at checkout. Order status set as Pending Wire Status.

Open Terms

Open Terms

Any user in your store can be allowed Open Terms setting where Admin can give the user credit amount allowed and the maximum allowed days with open invoice. When that option selected, the order will be placed ass Open Status and the amount to be paid get updated on user terms account.

Pay Later

Pay Later (No Payment)

That module will bypass the payment process at front-end. Order status will be set based on Admin setting to be process payment off-line or send link to pay after finalized.
You can change the name and description users see on front to match your requirements and processing.


Fully PCI-DSS Compliant eCommerce hosting!

Scanned by all major PCI scanners monthly, to be approved and verified by Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Daily backups for emergency restore

Hacker shield firewall

SSL installed

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