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Multi-Vendors Marketplace Software

A Marketplace Module or a Multi-Vendor Marketplace setting option is where multiple vendors come together to sell their products thus making the profit directly on your store domain.

What Is an Online Marketplace?

An online marketplace, also called an electronic marketplace, is a Marketplace eCommerce site where third-party companies or users can sell their products or services to the site consumers. All of the transactions are processed through the website owner.

How Does an Online Marketplace Work?

All businesses have inventory, right? A list of products and services that are for sale? A business may even have its own website with its inventory listed there. But, in an Online Marketplace, these sellers take all products information and upload it to the Marketplace e-commerce site. It can essentially help a small, local business to expand sales national, or even international. Sellers' products become available for purchase to all the Marketplace system customers, and in exchange, the sellers agree to pay a fee to the Marketplace software website owner.

Multi-vendor Marketplace

NetzCart Marketplace Platform connects potential buyers and sellers all within one platform.

Traditional eCommerce platforms are not built to handle the multi-vendor model in which our marketplaces module does, but NetzCart with the Marketplace script is not a traditional eCommerce system! Other Amazon Clone Script or Etsy clone script you can find online, will only give you that scope functionality. NetzCart Marketplace includes all other eCommerce options!

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