PayPal vault Credit Cards Gateway API

No redirect users to PayPal website at checkout!

NetzCart PayPal Vault Gateway - Fully integrated and ready to use with a click of a button!

Vaulting a PayPal account will allow you to charge the account in the future without requiring your customer to be present during the transaction or re-authenticate with PayPal when they are present during the transaction.

Vaulting consists in storing your customers' credit cards outside of your payment provider, with a special provider called a credit card vault. ... The token can be stored anywhere, along with less sensitive data; the corresponding card data is only looked up when required—for example, to process a payment.

PayPal gateway payments a services you can trust to make it easier to drive revenue and retention with market-leading processing brand.

There is NO NEED to redirect users to PayPal website at checkout! Works exactly the same as any other Credit Cards gateway.
All Credit Card data kept at the gateway not in the website for maximum security!

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