Quote System

Online Quotes to Orders System

This Add-On module can convert your store to a full quote system instead the traditional shopping cart process.


2 ways to set your store

  1. Globally: Convert your store to quotes only.
  2. Mixed: Set it specifically per item in your store.

Quotes System Workflow

  1. If set globally to quote only, users do not see any pricing. They can only add items to cart.
  2. User submite the cart as a new Quote - Pending admin review and approval.
  3. Admin review the quote, set pricing, shipping and any other required fields. Can submit as Approved status when ready.
  4. User get notified, select approved quote to pay and competing the checkout process as normal cart.
  5. Paid Quote will be set as pending Shipping status waiting for admin to finalize.

At any action above, user and admin get notified by email and can view and process all under the Admin or My Account panels

Mixed Setting

If your store set to allow both regular items and quote items, the site will have 2 shopping carts and users must submit each individually.
The rest of the workflow and process is identical to full quote setting.