Multiple Pricing Options

NetzCart have many ways to set and manage products pricing.

You can have it for all users or by user type or by individual product or user setting.

Product level setting:

  1. Hide the Price or just the Buy button based on user group
  2. Set item Temp Sale Price with expiration date and counter
  3. Set First Time Buy price;
  4. Set unlimited price groups assigned to users (wholesale levels or high volume customers)
  5. Set unlimited quantity discount levels per price groups
  6. Set minimum to buy and if sold as pack of minimum

User level setting:

  1. Assign any user to a specific price group (Default is retail)
  2. Assign custom pricing per specific product
  3. Set minimum to buy
  4. Set open terms checkout (billed outside)

Site level setting:

  1. Set default price group (can set all site as Price 2 for one week sale)
  2. Set promotion popup for first time buyers
  3. Set New registration Gift Credit or Discount Coupon
  4. Robust coupons system with many options and restrictions.
  5. Bulk pricing updates
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