Security Setting

With over 20 years in the eCommerce business, we are very aware of the high risks of running online transactions.
Any eCommerce site is under attacks daily and without good protection, it's only a matter of time until a hacker get access and steals your client’s data or sabotages your site.

Above the firewall set on our servers, we also provide additional tools to make your store safer.

  • You can block any user IP from any admin page who have his last access IP address to a black listing IP's that automatically will display your custom blocking message.
  • You can add your own IP or any other users or web services API to a white list IP's to avoid any mistakenly blocking.
  • You can set the site to block admin dashboard from ALL IP's other than the one added as approved login.
  • Set Google Captcha or simple Captcha and select what forms will have it
  • 404 Logs with options of blocking or whitelisting
  • 301 Redirect rules to fix or block URL's
  • Daily backups 30 days for emergency data restore