Virtual POS

Virtual Point Of Sale

A full virtual Cash Register/POS system

Connected to your inventory, customers and Payment Gateways

Have a storefront? You can save money on your current POS system

On the Road? If you have a business that requires you to be on the road or having a trade shows where you also want to be able take orders as straight sale.

All you need is internet connection: Just login into your Admin dashboard and open the POS screen.

A full register will be opening where you can easily sale any item in your website as you have a regular storefront.

POS Features:

  • Sales without account
  • Sales as Guest user (minimal info)
  • Select from any existing users
  • Update existing user account
  • Select payment type:
    • Case (Default)
    • Credit Card (If gateway active)
    • Checks/Money Order
    • Open Terms Account (Net XX days)
  • Add new customers at payment time
  • Search for any items or add dummy item
  • Select Delivery:
    • POS Pickup (Default)
    • Shipping
      • Add/edit Shipping address
      • Select from available carriers methods rates (same setting as in store front-end checkout)
      • Order will be placed as open ready to be shipped at your Admin panel
  • Open, Close Shift
  • Close Shift Report
  • End of Day, all shifts closing report
Virtual POS
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