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Best Volusion Alternative

Best Volusion Alternative

Best Volusion Alternative

NetzCart is a robust, easy to use and fast Shopping Cart Solution that provides a perfect eCommerce system for selling physical and digital products on-line.

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What Happened to Volusion?

Complaints, Issues, Negative Reviews, and New Pricing

Does your company use Volusion as an eCommerce platform? If so, you probably know half of what I am about to tell you already.  
Lots has changed in the last decade or so. In the past five years, Volusion has lost lots of their market share to platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify.

Why is this happening? The reasons are simple:

  • Poor customer support
  • Not keeping up with the technology needs
  • Inadequate design templates
  • Lack of new updated functionality
  • Poor3rd Party integration
  • High price increases

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A better alternative to Volusion for the 3rd of the development cost and a fixed LOW monthly fee that covers ALL software updates, support and hosting!

B2B/B2C Multi Domains eCommerce:

  • NO extra fees added on orders!
  • Unlimited products, orders and customers
  • FREE updates and core modules add-ons
  • FREE Hackers firewall and daily backup included

FULL migration of your data from Volusion:

  • Categories
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Content Pages
  • Any additional related data per client special setting

Custom setting and Modules:

Any custom special setting on your current Volusion can be done fast and cost effective.

  • Special access levels to products and pages
  • ALL B2B functions
  • Full inventory control with vendors and PO system across multi stores
  • Pricing groups or per customer
  • Special checkout setting
  • Special shipping setting
  • Custom Registrations or forms
  • 3rd Party API integration
  • Payment Gateways
  • Anything else you may have

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NetzCart Winning Features

FIXED LOW monthly fee that covers ALL software updates, Support and dedicated eCommerce hosting

Best Volusion Alternative

Unlimited products, orders and customers

Best Volusion Alternative

FREE core upgrades and modules add-ons

Best Volusion Alternative

Firewall, Security filters and daily backups

eCommerce Migration Service

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