Warehouse System

Warehouse System Module Add-On

The purpose of the Warehouse module is:

  • To be able control inventory and the quantity on hand per location of a warehouse when can split item between as many location as needed
  • To be able print a Pick List of specific order or all open orders when items breakdown by warehouse/Section/Shelve for easy picking
  • To be able control the front-end full item page to allow users select what warehouse they want to order from (based on availability) with the correct shipping method and pricing

When this module is installed and your store inventory setting turned on the following options will be added to your store Admin panel:

  1. Under Products Tab, a link to the Warehouse management will be added
  2. Main page will always have a Default Warehouse and Section and all your current items will be automatically assigned to that section (Both names can be changed)
  3. You can add as many warehouses as needed and assigned (share) them to any of your stores (if your system set as Multi Domains). The same goes for any other sections and shelves.
  4. Per Section or Shelve set, if any items assigned, you will have the options of Move All or Partial items quantity between any of your warehouses system locations.
  5. In Edit Product screen under Option section you will have a new option to assigned that item in your warehouses and display how many you have in each location.
  6. In Orders Listing you will have a new option to print a Pick List of all open ready to ship order items, grouped by warehouse location and have the total to be picked plus all Orders ID's they belong to.
  7. Per Order you will have the same Pick List but filtered for that order items only - Good for large number of items orders that need priority to be ready.
Virtual POS

Cart and Shipping Rates by Warehouse Module:

With this Add-On module you will set the shipping carriers and methods PER WAREHOUSE instead of globally for the store.

Frontend users will required to select the warehouse they want to buy from when entering the website. Based on selected warehouse the correct assigned products only will be display to buy and the checkout shipping methods will come based on that warehouse setting.

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