Who we are

Netz Web Solutions LLC is a full-service internet consulting firm that provides business owners with self-managed eCommerce websites and online shopping cart solutions (wholesale or retail), online ordering systems for restaurants & food shops, customized WordPress content management sites, and more since 2001.

We are specialized for over 20 years in self-managed eCommerce websites for the modern business owner . We also provide a streamlined, fully-integrated content management system (CMS) for easy publishing – allowing you to quickly publish unique content that will attract new visitors, boost search engine e e e e e e optimization and build your online brand.

Whether you already know what you’re looking for, or you’re not sure where to start, contact us today for a free consultation – we look forward to working with you.

Our approve ve ve ve ve ve ach:

eCommerce Exploration

eCommerce Exploration
  • Define & document key objectives and criteria for success
  • Assess the overall structure and content of the site
  • Clearly define & document budgets and costs
  • Develop communication channels
  • Provide technical & design recommendations based on research
  • Deliver on time and within budget

eCommerce Design

eCommerce Design
  • Build demo(s) or prototype(s) to test our concepts
  • Develop architecture/navigation
  • Develop look & feel of the site/graphic design
  • Develop technical design & infrastructure
  • Test prototype usability, functionality & user experience
  • Deliver on time and within budget

eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development
  • Ensure project remains on strategy
  • Complete design based on client feedback
  • Develop main sections and subsections from copy provided by client
  • Complete technical infrastructure & systems integration with databases and scripts as needed
  • Test functionality & usability
  • Deliver on time and within budget

eCommece Deployment

eCommerce Deployment
  • Coordinate with marketing department for consistency of advertising & marketing campaigns
  • Deploy statistical tracking software to provide actionable data insights
  • Develop meta tag code and keyword doorway pages to increase conversion rates
  • Launch the site live online, on time
  • Provide necessary training & support
  • Monitor success
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