Wholesale and Retail

Both solutions combined together on a single store

Improve Search engine Optimization and users experience for all your customer segments with built-in B2B/wholesale functionality.

Wholesale customers shop differently than retail customers. Due to bulk order sizes and approval processes, wholesale customers need specific payment options and site experiences — both of which are supported by our platform.

Consolidate your retail and wholesale customers to a single store. Use the registration page to set new pending approval wholesale clients, and customize your store for their access and price needs after they approval and login.

Powerful customer group management

Assign wholesale customers to unique customer groups to automatically customize their site experience, including products, content, payment terms and checkout processes.

Built-in flexible pricing functionality for client customization

Customize prices and discounts down to the individual SKU and client with NetzCart built-in price options. Easily assign or update new price group to customer groups, or single wholesale user accounts.

Quantity Discount Levels, Buy as Case and Sample Product

Offer unlimited quantity discount level per item and price group combination.
Force item to be purchase with minimum quantity (5 or more) or by case (buy case of 5).
Offer a sample item with or without price on the same product page buy button

Wholesale user payment and shipping options

Set specific user with payment and shipping options at checkout including residential or commercial shipping destination.

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